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Ultimate Mixing Bowl 3.5L

Ultimate Mixing Bowl 3.5L

SKU: 11151855

The 3.5L bowl is part of an entire range of four other different sizes: 1L, 2L, 6L and 9.5L. Baking is fun..until you have to clean up the mess! The Ultimate Mixing Bowls help foodie enthusiasts to have everything ready for food prepping. It is a multi-functional prepping tool kit that is linked to a whole range of products that, when used together will help with mixing, kneading, straining and more!

And the entire set is easy to use, store, clean and with an awesome contemporary look. "Simplify life in the kitchen with the ultimate solution, a mixing bowl set that does it all! These Ultimate mixing bowls with lids are a multi-functional prep tool, that helps you with a variety of tasks, including mixing, whisking, kneading, marinating, straining, baking, storing, and even serving.

  • Ultimate Mixing Bowls have a guaranteed long-lasting leak proof seal, that keeps on working, even after being washed in the dishwasher. Bowls and seals are tested to 85C and suitable for fridge storage and on-the-go. Be Tupperware confident that any food or liquid will never leak or spill.
  • "Hands-Free" Ultimate Mixing Bowls allow you to mix and knead your dough without even touching it. No need to remove your rings! Simply drop in the ingredients, seal and shake. Bring together with the silicon spatula and roll out.
  • No more searching for measuring cups either, with measuring levels right inside the bowls (in L and Oz.), you can even measure ingredients directly into the bowl. • A stable flat bottom keeps them perfectly steady for stirring and kneading.
  • Can be combined with the handy Splash Guard accessory to keep countertops clean. So prepping and baking is cleaner and more organized than ever!
  • For added possibilities in day to day cooking tasks, all Cook's Maid accessories and the EZ Shakers fit on the Splash Guard.
  • Scratches on the inside are limited by the etched surface on the interior bottom. Your cooking will never be the same!


The perfect bowl for any preparation especially kneading, it was well thought out to give you the perfect experience when kneading, with a flat base, wide opening and straight walls, it will make your kneading stress and mess-free.

  • Leak proof guarantee: be Tupperware confident that any food or liquid will never leak or spill.
  • "Hands-free"Mixing Bowls: simply drop in the ingredients, seal and shake.
  • Baker's Best Friend: Designed with flat bottom, straight walls and wide rim gives this 3.5L bowl the perfect partner for kneading dough!
  • Prep Helper: Prep in advance, store with leak proof lid and use later.
  • 5 bowls taking the space of 1: nest together with all others from the range for the perfect storing solution.
  • Accessory heaven: With the innovative Splash Guard accessory (optional) you have an option to drain even the smallest ingredients like quinoa or rice, but also an option to use additional accessories!
  • Clean countertops: The Splash Guard (optional), the flat bottom of the bowls and straight walls allow for any preparation to be done mess-free!


  • Material
    Full Product: PP
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W - x H 11.6 x L - Ø 25.4 cm / W - x H 4.5 x L - Ø 10 inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 3.5L / 14 3/4 cup
  • Max Temp (°C/°F)
    Full Product: 85°C / 185°F


Make great salads in seconds: each Ultimate Mixing Bowls come with an airtight and leak proof seal, that is set to become a salad maker's dream and a tidy way to make great salads in seconds.

The additional multipurpose Splash Guard lid has a draining feature to wash your salad and an opening for a hand mixer, it's super easy to whip up a dressing, add the salad, cover and shake.

Pizza express: Take all the ingredients for a pizza dough, put them in the bowl, seal it, shake it and then finish kneading inside the bowl. You can seal it again and allow it to rise. No need to make a mess on the counter, thanks to the flat base the extra kneading can happen right inside the bowl. T

he seal was developed to pop as soon the yeast dough is ready to use at the end of the rising time. Speed up your yeast dough rising time.

Use the 3.5L Bowl to prepare the dough, seal and place in a medium warm water bath (37-40 ° in the 6L Bowl. You will be amazed to see how the rising time can be reduced up to 50% Want to make homemade potato wedges or French fries in the oven? Before baking them in the oven, place the potatoes wedges or fries into the bowl with some oil and seasoning, seal and shake well to coat them perfectly in no time.

With the Ultimate Mixing Bowl 3.5L combined with the Splash Guard (optional accessory), you can even prepare Rice Noodles. Place them in the bowl, pour hot water (Max. 85°C) over the noodles, allow to stand for the time indicated on the packaging and drain using the splash guard. And you are ready to prepare your rice noodle salad in the same bowl with no additional mess! For eco conscious customers, the Ultimate Mixing Bowl 2L or 3.5L combined with the Splash Guard (optional accessory) is the perfect solution for cleaning your produce in a limited amount of water! Soak your fruits and veggies in the bowl then strain using the splash guard.

After that, you can even use the same bowl to make a salad! Got leftovers? Just seal the bowl and store in the fridge.

Have a delicious cake including canned fruit in mind? Start by using the straining function of the Splash Guard (optional accessory) to drain the fruits, set aside, then prepare the dough in the same Bowl.

Use the Splash Guard (optional accessory) combined with the EZ Shaker to create a Bain Marie for melting Butter or Chocolate to be used in a cake prepared afterwards in the Bowl.

Planning the #bestevergazpacho, place your ingredients in the bowl, seal to let them marinate in the fridge, then use the Splash Guard (optional accessory) to blend without messing up your whole kitchen.

The Ultimate Mixing bowls are dishwasher safe. They can also be hand washed using a nonabrasive sponge or cloth with warm water and a bit of mild dish-washing liquid. Do not use a scouring sponge. Use only non-abrasive, non-chloride cleansers with a Tupperware Microfiber Towel.

To open the Bowls:

  1. With one of your hands, secure the bowl on a tabletop. Use your other hand to lift the tab of the seal.

To close the Bowls:

  1. Place seal on the bowl.
  2. Starting from the opposite side to the tab, move thumbs and fingers all around top edge of seal applying slight pressure.

3. Press center of the seal and lift tab slightly to expel air, this is called the "Tupperware Burp."

Seal is leak proof. How to use the Splash Guard for draining (optional accessory): Drain all your favorite grains, the draining slots are specially designed to safely drain rice, quinoa, couscous and much more, don't use and dirty extra tools.

Just place your fingers on the indicator and drain safely. The splash guard has smart rims underneath to fit on 1L, 2L and 3.5L bowls.

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