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Tupperkids Snack Cup 110ml

Tupperkids Snack Cup 110ml

SKU: 11166328

Whether you're packing a lunch, heading to work or traveling on the go, these mini containers are the perfect solution for single servings of snacks, spices, dressings and more. You can use them to store everything from nuts, dried fruits and trail mix to salad dressings, half a lemon, hot sauce and seasonings.

Our containers are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and lightweight. The airtight lid helps to lock in freshness and flavor, while the leak proof design prevents spills and messes. This means you can enjoy your snacks and spices with confidence, knowing that they'll stay fresh and secure until you're ready to eat them.

Their compact size makes it easy to carry around in your bag, backpack or purse, so you can have your favorite snacks with you wherever you go.

These snack cups are versatile and can also be used to store ingredients in your pantry or fridge at home. Plus, their stackable design makes them ideal for saving space!

In addition to their practical benefits, our mini snack storage containers come in a variety of fun colors, making them a stylish addition to your snacking routine. They're also easy to clean and dishwasher safe, making them a convenient option for busy people on the go.

So whether you're looking to pack a healthy snack for work, bring your favorite spices on a camping trip, add some flavor to your salad while eating out or store ingredients at home, our mini snack storage containers are the perfect solution for all your snacking needs.

What else can you use them for?​

  • Jell-o or pudding​
  • Nuts​
  • Fruits​
  • Vegetables​
  • Chocolate or other candies
  • Applesauce or other baby food​
  • Homemade spice blends​
  • Yogurt​
  • Jewelry/earrings​
  • Condiments​
  • Dressings​
  • Vitamins​
  • Cereals or granola​
  • Rubber bands or other office supplies​
  • Pet treats​
  • Raisins or other dried fruit​
  • Small crackers​
  • Tea or coffee to take to work​


Our airtight and leak proof 110 ml Snack Cups let you easily take single servings of snacks, spices, small portions and dressings anywhere, or store at home in your pantry or fridge. Despite their small size, these containers are mighty in their ability to keep your snacks fresh and secure.

Mess-free: Leak proof closure ensures no spillage in your bag.   ​

Perfect portions: Take single servings of snacks or small portions of dressings, spices and more wherever you go!​

Locks in food freshness thanks to the airtight lid.

Leftovers: Ever have a small amount left over from dinner and don't want to throw it away? Snack cups are the ideal solution!

Prep staple: Use these cups to prep your daily meals. 

Nestable and stackable for space-saving storage, when and when not in use!


  • Material
    Full Product: PP, PE
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W - x H 5.2 x L - Ø 7.5 cm / W - x H 2 x L - Ø 3 inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 110 ml / 4fl oz


Approved for food use

Dishwasher safe

Do not use sharp or metal utensils

Not for freezer

Not for use in the microwave

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